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Creation of life

In Ancient mythologies the main God was that of the Sky – the Father God. The Proto-Indoeuropean name for God is Dyeus: Sanskrit name is Deva, Lithuanian – Dievas, Latvian – Dievs, The Greek name is Zeus or Deus, the Roman name is Jupiter, but the word itself for “God” in Latin is “Deus”, etc. The main Goddess was that of the Earth – the Mother Goddess. She has many names : Gaia, Demeter, Persephone, Cybele, Magna Mater, Terra Mater. The mortal mother of Dionysus is Semele. This name comes from Thraco-Phrygian word Zemelo, meaning “the earth”. Iranian, Baltic and Slavic languages have the same root (for example in Lithuanian the diminutive of the Earth is “Zemele” who was the mother goddess). ┬áThe festival of Zemelo was celebrated in Spring. Dionysus as the son of Zeus (the God of the Sky and the Thunder) and of Semele (the Mother Earth) represents all vegetation, the child of the Sky God and the Mother Earth. His death and rebirth stand for the death of all vegetation in winter and the rebirth in spring (the same myth as of Osiris in Egypt). The first Dionysos was named Zagreus by Greeks. Ionian word is “zagre”, which means the pitfall for trapping animals. In Lithuanian “zagre” means “a plough”. Zagreus and later Dionysos are closely related to agriculture and the cycle of vegetation. Zagreus’ mother was Persephone, the goddess of the Underworld, the daughter of Demeter, and Dionysos’ mother was Semele (or Zemelos as stated above).